What is the Beer Me cast?

The Beer Me cast is a podcast about the variety, brilliance, and growing culture of craft beer from the perspectives of three friends from humble Sacramento, CA. Sac’s craft beer scene is exploding and has galvanized our interest in craft beer. But while Sacramento is our home and will be a strong focus for us, it will be far from the only one. From Northern California to the Southern California scene, and all the way across the states to the east coast, we plan on discussing and drinking the finest brews we can get our hands on in an approachable and affable way.

The Members

Jaxon Ramsel

The idea-man behind the podcast. He has salivated for anything by Dogfish Head ever since the Midas Touch graced his taste buds. As the lynchpin of this podcast,  he tries to corral Mark’s overuse of puns and Mike’s borderline psychosis into a fun, coherent podcast. Good luck, man.

Mark Zanfardino

The resident expert of the cast. He experiments with home brewing, maintains a frightening ability to recite beers that he tasted off the top of his head like he’s Dustin Hoffman in RAIN MAN, and he is a member of the Sierra Nevada Alpha Hop Society, which sounds a lot more clandestine than it actually is (it’s still really cool, though).

Mike Jones

The writer and wild card of the podcast. Mike prefers to work behind the scenes and bring his interest of the ancillary aspects of craft beer culture to the fray when he can. He’s also the tallest of the bunch.



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